Yosl Bergner

1939 Melbourne Exhibition at the Melbourne University with painters Arthur  

         Boyd and Noel Couniham.

1946 Exhibition at the house of Culture,North Carlton,Melbourne
1947 "Three Realist Artists", exhibition at the Myer Art Gallery,Melbourne with  

         Noal Counihan and Vic O'conner
1948 Left Australia for Paris
1950 Exhibition at the Worker's Circle,Montreal and the Jewish Teacher's

         Seminary,New York Arrived in Israel and settled in safed.
         Exhibition at the Katz Gallery,Tel-Aviv.
1954-59 Participated in Israel Artists' Association exhibitions at the Tel-Aviv Museum

         of art,Dizengoff House.
1955 Exhibition at the "Bezalel" National Museum,Jerusalem Awarded the

         Dizengoff prize for Painting
1956 Exhibited in the Israeli Pavilion,Twenty-Eighth Biennale,Venice
1957 Exhibited in the Israeli Pavilion,Fourth Biennale,Sao Paulo Brazil.

         Exhibition with Aviva Ury, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art,Dizengoff House

         Moved from Safed to Tel-Aviv. During the following years,illustrated

         books and designed Sets and costumes for the Yiddish and Hebrew 

         stage,particulary for the work of playwrighr Nissim Aloni
1958 "Modern Israeli Painting" at the Arts Council of great Britian,London

         Exhibited in the Israeli Pavilion,Twenty-Ninth Biennale,Venice
         "12 Artists" at "Bezalel" National Museum Art,Haifa
1960 Exhibition at Gallery One,London "L" Art Israelien Contemporain", Musee

         National d' Art Moderne,Paris
1961 Exhibition at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art,Helena Rubinstein Pavilion
1962 Thirty-First Biennale,Venice. "Rebels and Precursors-Aspects of Painting 

         in Malbourne 1937-1948.
         National Gallery of Victoria,Melbourne,Gallery of New South Wales,Sydney

1963 Exhibition at the Bineth Gallery,Jerusalem
1965 Exhibition at the Bineth Gallery,Jerusalem Represented in "Israeli Drawings", 

          Museum of Modern art,Haifa
1967 Represented in "Image-Imagination",Tell-Aviv Museum of Art,Dizengoff House
1969 Exhibition at the Bineth Gallery,Tel-Aviv.
1972 Represented in "From Landscape to Abstraction,from Abstraction to 

1975 "Paintings: 1955-75" ,Tel-Aviv Museum of Art,Helena Rubinstein Pavilion.

           Represented in
         "Jewish Experience in the Art of the Twentieth Century",Jewish Museum,
          New York.

1976 "Peintures d' Apres Franz Kafka",Galerie Hardy,Paris
1977 "Paintings of Toys", Bineth Gallery,Tel-Aviv
1979 "Paintings of Flowers",Bineth Gallery,Tel-Aviv  "Pioneers and Flowers",Artists'  

1980 "Pioneers and Flowers",Aberbach Gallery,New York Awarded the Israel Prize for the Art     

          of  Painting,with Anna Ticho and Pinchas Litvinovsky
1982 One -Man Show,International Art Fair,Basel
1983 Retrospective Exhibition at Parke Gallery,Tell-Aviv
1984 "Bird-Head Chronicles",with Danny Kerman,Assaf Gallery Tel-Aviv,Arta Gallery,Jerusalem
1985  Retrospective Exhibition,National Gallery of Victoria,Melbourne Honorary Life     

          Membership, National Gallery Of Victoria,Melbourne.

1985 Retrospective Exhibition,National Gallery of Victoria,Melbourne Honorary Life  

           Membership, National Gallery Of Victoria,Melbourne
1986 "New Paintings",Gordon Gallery,Tel-Aviv. "Recent Paintings",Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Holdsworth Galleries,Melbourne,Holdsworth Galleries,Sydney
1988 "Paintingd to Franz Kafka",Parke Gallery,Tel-Aviv,Tolarno Galleries,Melourne,Holdsworth

           Galleries, Sydney. Represented in "Angry Penguins and Realist
           Painting in Melbourne in the 1940s",Hayward Galleries,London
1989 "The Pioneers",Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery. Exhibition of paintings to Kafkas   

          "The  Vulture", Gordon Gallery,Tel-Aviv
1990 Publication of Album "Yosl Bergner-Paintings to Franz Kafka"' Shva Publishers,Tel-Aviv.

           Retrospective Exhibition,BMG Fine Art,Adelaide "Kimberleys Fantasy",Melbourne 

           Contemporary Art Gallery. Represented in "Chagall to Kitaj-Jewish Experirnce in the

           Twentieth Century",Barbican Art Gallery,London
1992 "Paintings to Kafka",Carolinum,Prague,for the Franz Kafka Society of Prague
1993 "Retrospective Exhibition 1939-90",Gallery of Contemporary Art,Melbourne,Kosminski
           Gallery, Melbourne
1994 "The Kings of Nissim Aloni",Gordon Gallery,Tel-Aviv
1996 Publication of his book "What I Meant to Say",conversations with Ruth Bondy (Ma'ariv

           Press)."Between Seas",the Rubin Museum,Tel-Aviv
2000 Retrospective Exhibition,Tel-Aviv Museum of Art (Curated by Carmela Rubin). "The 

           Zionists",Herzliya Museum of Art.
2001 Yosl Bergner and Yosef Schlein-The Artists House Jerusalem
2003 "Journey",Bineth Gallery,Tel-Aviv
2004 "Jaffa Pleasure Boats" - At The Dan Gallery Tel-Aviv.

2005 "The Lost Shoe", Dan Gallery. Tel Aviv

2006 "Childhood Paintings", Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007 "Toys Collection", an internet exhibition

2008 "The Train", Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009 "Bottles and Kings", Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010 "Yosl Bergner- Up To Now"- 90th Birthday Celebration, Dan Gallery, Tel        Aviv

2011 "Through Fire And Water", Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv

         "Franz Kafka", Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art, Tel Aviv

2012 "A Story In Installments", Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv