Wexler Jacob



Yaacov (Jacob) Wexler was born in Libbau, Latvia, in 1912. He lived in Hamburg until 1935, where he received his training in art. He lived in a kibbutz for a while after which he moved to Haifa. In he 1935 he joined the New Horizons Group (Ofakim Hadashim).


In the years 1966-84 Wexler served as the head of Avni Institute, Tel Aviv. In 1953 Wexler participated in the San Paulo Biennale and in 1960 he participated in the Graphics Biennale in Tokyo.

Wexler's works have been shown in many museums and galleries in Israel and he has been awarded the Dizengoff Prize, the Jewish Agency Prize, the Jerusalem Prize, and the Haifa-Struck Prize.