Shmuel Tepler 



Shmuel Tepler was born in1918 in Poland. He moved to Italy where he studied painting with some of the leading Italian artists of the time in the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

In 1949 he came to Israel he settled in Tel-Aviv and found a living in painting and teaching.


Influenced by expressionism and the Fauve movement, Tepler's still life compositions are strong, disciplined, and colorful works.

They give the viewer a spiritual sense of joy, but embedded with somber tones.


Samuel Tepler was recognized for his talent by art critics and the highest fine art institutions in Europe. He was awarded the Legion of Gold Medal from UNESCO, and the Artist of the Year award by the Government of Italy. His paintings have been exhibited in high-profile international galleries around the world, including Italy, Israel, France, Germany, Monaco, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, and Nepal.


Shmuel Tepler died in 1998