Skaletsky Igor



Born 1978 in Voronezh, Russia. He is famous as a painter and collage artist. He studied at the Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute and began his adventures in collage only a few years ago. 


In 1990 Skaletsky immigrated to Israel.


Skaletsky combines traditional painting techniques with contemporary technologies. He draws his inspiration from iconic art works, and gives them his own modern interpretation, thus creating a hybrid image separated from time, place and context.


Collage for me is a technique that widens possibilities to express myself. I think photography and painting perfectly complement each other and combining them, one can achieve an effect which is impossible in ”pure” traditional technique. Collage is unique in its ability to organically combine things which, at first glance, are absolutely incompatible and do not represent any artistic value in themselves. I like the moment when isolated pieces of paper suddenly start “playing” with each other when I put them in the common living space of collage.

Personal exhibitions:

2014 Winzavod, Moscow, 11.12 Gallery

2013 STROKE Art Fair, Munich Art Paris, Paris

2012 Art Moscow, Moscow 11.12 Gallery, Moscow

2009 Mel Space, Moscow

Group exhibitions:

2015 New York SCOPE, 11.12 Gallery

2014 ArtBasel SCOPE, 11.12 Gallery

2013 Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv 2012 Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv

2011 11.12 Gallery, Moscow

2010 Vart Gallery, Moscow

2009 Cut and Paste, kg 52 Gallery, Stockholm 2006 Power, Moscow Modern Art Museum

2008: Gallery (winner of the competition), Moscow

Fresh Blood. Diehl + Gallery One, Moscow

Smile, Zurab Tseretely Gallery

Migration, Moscow Modern Art Museum

2007 Space, Moscow Modern Art Museum