Leonid Balaklav


1956 - Born in Beltze, Moldavia 1956, USSR
1971 - 1973 - Studied at an art school in Kiev
1974 - Studied at an Art Institute in Odessa
1990 - Immigrated to Israel
One-Artist Exhibitions
1978 - Scientist's House, Kiev
1988 - The Jewish Center, Moscow
1989 - Central Artist's House, Kishinev
1991 - Immigrant Artists'', Gordon Gallery,Tel Aviv
1993 - "Cypresses", Artists' House, Jerusalem
1994 - "From their to here", Museum of Art, Ein Harod
1997 - "Drawings 93-97, Herzliya Museum of Art, Herzliya;
"New Works", Artists' House, Jerusalem
1998 - "Landscape and Still-Life", Artspace, Jerusalem
2000 - "Portrait" Artspace, Jerusalem
Group Exhibitions
From 1977 till 2002, the artist's works were exhibited in 17 group Exhibitions,in USSR, Israel and USA.
1987 - Gold Medal at the International Film Festival, Tokyo.
1995 - Jerusalem Prize for painting and sculpture, Jerusalem
2002 - Israel Discount Bank Israel Museum Prize for an Israeli Artist
Balaklav's palette of colors underwent an extreme change even while he was still living in Russia. The change erupted with his resolute decision to leave the country of his birth and to acquire a new homeland. The brown and black tones that had dominated in his works now gave way to much brighter tones, mainly of oranges, reds and yellows,which sought to give expression to a sensation of great inner light or an inner illumination rather than to an actual depiction of reality