Izhak Frenkel-Frenel



Izhak Frenkel-Frenel (1899-1983)

Izhak Frenkel-Frenel was born in 1899 in Odessa, Ukraine, where he got his first art training.

He came to Israel in 1919 and in 1920 went to Paris for further studying, returning to Israel in 1925. A year later, in 1926, he opened a private art school for adults in Tel-Aviv which enlisted such students such as Shimshon Holzman, Joseph Kossonogi, Mordechai Levanon and David Hendler. Frenkel spent most of his time in Paris and is regarded as belonging to the Ecole de Paris and as one of the heirs of East European Jewish expressionism.


He has had many one-man shows In Israel and in Paris, as well as in other European and American cities and at his own studio in Safed. He was awarded the Dizengoff Prize five times and in 1950 represented Israel at the Venice Biennale