Aron Kravitsh



Aron Kravits
Was born in Ukraine in 1958.
In 1991 graduated from Industrial Art Institute in the city of Kharkov.
In 1992 worked as a designer at the regional TV-studio "Tonis".
1993-1994 - participated in the annual city-wide art exhibitions.
Took part in the 1994 exhibition in the gallery of the Kharkov Opera Theatre.
In 1994 cooperated with the Trotuar art group (the Palitra gallery), 
Worked for the Metro advertising agency.
Since 1995 has been working in Israel. Among other things, has been engaged in painting 
and sculpture for theatrical scenery in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem theatres, including
the State Israeli Opera.
Performed art work for television and feature films.

 Exhibitions -
the Mor gallery - 2002
the Mediterranean Sea gallery - 2003
the Mansohn House gallery 2004
Gallery “Capricci“ Barcelona, Spain 2006
the New Gallery of the Institute of arts Bat-Yam 2007
the New Gallery of the Institute of arts Bat-Yam 2008
the New Gallery of the Institute of arts Bat-Yam, «The big Summer kaleidoscope» 2008 
International Art Gallery, Paris 2009
Museum of archeology in Jaffo 2009
Light House Gallery in Jaffo 2009
Armon Ha-Natziv, Jerusalem ‘’A new look at the new country’’ 2010
Gallery’’ Echcol Ha Pais ‘’,Ramat Gan, Personality Exhibition 2010
Museum of archeology in Jaffo 2010

Pictures are in private collections and galleries of Russia, Ukraine,
Germany ,Israel ,Spain ,USA ,Canada