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About Dan Gallery for Israeli art

The Dan Gallery has been active in the Israeli art world for 28 years.

Amongst it's represented artists one may find such well known names as: Meir Pichaadze, Misha Rapoport and the Israel Prize winner Yosl Bergner.


The gallery deals especially with 20th century art, and it exhibits a vast collection of original works and lithographs.

The gallery staff advises collectors, architects and designers,and it specializes in evaluating paintings and spotting works according to it's costumers request.

In the gallery collection you may find works by the artists:  Reuven Rubin, Nachum Gutman, Marcel Janco, Moshe Castel, Yosl Bergner, Stematsky, Igael Tomrkin, Menashe Kadishman, Aaron massage, Uri Lifshitz, Jacob Agam, Moshe Rosentalis, Lea Nikel, Jacob Wexler, Frankel Yitzchak, Meir Pshehabze, Natan Pernick, Dim Yuz and many more, from contemporary, modern and fine Israeli art. 

Please note: Our International clientele may have their purchased paintings shipped directly to their doorstep.